Rabbi Dates Is One Of The Pars Dried Fruits Co Product For Selling,Trade And Packing For Customers,Suppliers,Manufacturers

Rabbi Dates Cultivates In Sistan And Balouchestan Province.

The Color Is Dark Reddish To Black.

Rabbi Dates Exported In 5 And 10 Kgs Net Cartoons.

Rabbi Dates Is Semi Dry And Delicate. This Is Needs To Be Kept And Shipped In Cold Storage.

Main Market Of Rabbi Are GIS Countries, India, Pakistan, CIS Countries.


Our standard packaging are:

  • Chopped sayer dates in 3/8” size coated with dextrose or rice floor

  • Select pitted Sayer date which has less than 70 pcs per LB

  • B Grade pitted Sayer dates which has less than 90 pcs per LB

  • A.Q pitted Sayer dates which has less than 110 pcs per LB

  • A.Q pitted Sayer dates which are free in size but they are cleaned and without damage.

  • Industrial pitted sayer dates which includes the dates which has physical damages as per Standard specifications.